PowerRetrieve is a powerful document capture, interrogation and retrieval system that automatically indexes the entire textual content of both scanned and electronic documents, turning it into searchable data, enabling you to retrieve information from within documents in seconds.

Document retrieval is simple, fast and efficient with hit words being highlighted on a PDF rendering of your documents making it easier for users to spot the hits quickly.

Internet style search for paper documents

Have you ever wished you could search your documents as you would with the internet?

Despite the growth in electronic communication, up to 90% of an organisation's information is still received in unstructured form and the promise of a Paperless Office is a long way off.

Imagine a world where using a few words, dates or letter combinations you could search through the content of paper documents, emails, electronic documents, plans, drawings and even photographs, to find that one piece of information you are looking for. 

Even better, imagine a situation where all of this was possible from your desktop or tablet, in short an internet style search capability across all your office documents, including the paper ones.

PowerRetrieve gives you just that. The flexibility of powerful retrieval with no manual indexing overhead and what’s more you don’t have to change your existing IT systems at all in order to use it. 

What makes PowerRetrieve so valuable?

PowerRetrieve empowers users to interrogate documents without limitations, drilling down and focusing investigations with ease.

It delivers:

·         Sophisticated document mining and information retrieval

·         Unparalleled search results in terms of speed and accuracy

·         Unique OCR error tolerance

·         Simple implementation

·         An intuitive interface with a common Windows feel

Are you interested in becoming...

The diversity of our customers and their uses of PowerRetrieve means that the technology has been well tested in many different technical environments.

We are committed to providing continuing support to our customers and partners, thereby helping them achieve their goals.

  • A Customer

    A Customer

    PowerRetrieve is available in multiple editions to meet the needs of single users, departments and high volume enterprise environments.

  • A Partner

    A Partner

    Step into Software Solution Sales without risk or cost. From simple Finders Fee introducers to fully fledged Resellers.

  • An Integrator

    An Integrator

    Integrate PowerRetrieve with your existing solutions using our powerful API.