PowerRetrieve for SharePoint

PowerRetrieve is integrated with SharePoint to facilitate both the transfer of documents to archive as well as the ease of retrieval. This functionality can be automated using SharePoint workflows as well as accessed through the SharePoint user interface, allowing users to work with archived documents seamlessly alongside live documents.

·         Address regulatory and compliance requirements

·         Address corporate governance requirements

·         Disaster recovery

·         Archive automation means minimal user overhead

·         High volume scanned image repository

Key Features

Linked to SharePoint Document Libraries

·         Provides users with a powerful Search capability across archived documents

·         Automatic archive to PowerRetrieve based on workflow or retention rules

·         Simple deployment

·         No programing required

Technical Info

Works with on premises versions of SharePoint:

·         2010

·         2013

Integrated as a SharePoint Feature. Comprised of:

·         Web Parts

·         Custom Actions

·         Workflow Actions

·         SharePoint Windows Solution Package (.wsp) file