PowerRetrieve is a sophisticated investigation support tool delivering internet level search across the whole of the textual content of your documents, whether they originate electronically or in paper. Capable of capturing, storing and then searching millions of documents within seconds, PowerRetrieve empowers your users with fast and simple access to the information they need.

PowerRetrieve has been designed to import and search high volumes of documents in seconds. Documents can be imported from a variety of different sources and are indexed automatically using the text within their contents.

Our fuzzy search technology is unparalleled in its ability to find exact and near matches and the Synonym search feature finds different words with the same or similar meanings. 

The user interface provides up to four search/results sections to allow users to review and cross reference multiple search criteria simultaneously.

These and other search capabilities help to overcome typographical OCR errors and poor data quality, and maximise the chances of finding the information sought.

Once found PowerRetrieve makes it easy and efficient to work with the documents, offering; key word highlighting; contextual fragments; direct links to page images; notes and annotation facilities; as well as the ability to distribute results via email.
  • Flexible and Rapid Ingestion

    Flexible and Rapid Ingestion

    Rapidly index the entire content of scanned or electronic data

    Set watch folders for automated import of any image and electronic file

    Email attachments automatically extracted and indexed

  • Exceptional Search Capability

    Exceptional Search Capability



    Fuzzy matches and Phrases

    Date and Numeric ranges and aliases

    Meta data searches

    Related Terms with custom Thesaurus 

  • Intelligent Hit List

    Intelligent Hit List

    Documents scored and marked up

    Fragments highlighted in context

    Sophisticated ranking

    Direct link to relevant pages

  • Evidence Collation

    Evidence Collation

    Multi-tab Search

    Notes and Annotations

    Reference Folders

    Direct Email Export