We are proud of the relationship we have with our partners and they include multi-national corporations with market leading products in their own field of expertise. They have chosen us to partner them to bring products of excellence to market that complement their own brands, in the knowledge that we will work with them to maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Technology Partners

Our solutions are built on industry standard and respected products.

We strive to stay at the latest release levels and take advantage of new core developments as they arise.

Document Scanning Partner

We work with an approved Document Scanning bureau for all your back scanning needs.

With 50 years experience in providing documentation services, can provide a range of bulk document scanning, document conversion and data capture solutions and services to clients throughout the UK.

Services include: Microfiche Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, 35mm Slide Scanning


Step into Software Solution Sales without Risk or Cost. We are constantly looking to recruit new innovative partners to resell PowerRetrieve as part of their own product portfolio.

Our Reseller partners often evolve from ‘Finder’s Fee’ introducers to fully fledged system Resellers.

Confidentiality of your customers' and prospects’ details is maintained at all times.

Call us now on 01793 840838 or
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